How You Can Write Blog Posts from StackEdit to GitHub Jekyll blog

Do you know that you can write stuff to GitHub from StackEdit?

Once you do all required steps you’ll have interface like this:

StackEdit interface with github access

In order to do so you should:

  1. grant access to your GitHub repo from StackEdit (after that you’ll be able to load .md files from GitHub and upload them there
  2. so after point 1 you are ready to work on your new blog post :)
  3. once new post is ready to be uploaded to GitHub, just click Save on GitHub
  4. provide required details (for me posts are in the _posts/ folder of the repo)
  5. if you want to update already uploaded file just click Synchronize now and that’s it

That’s it - have a happy blogging time.

PS: I’m not sure that extra features of StackEdit will work with .md files - haven’t tried it yet. Anyway StackEdit have an option to process markdown itself and upload .html files (so if I’ll need it - I’ll try exporting to html and uploading already processed post).

Written on June 25, 2019